Visit Louisiana Girls Mentoring Cohort

Redefine Mentorship -
School Programs

These mentoring cohorts are hosted in school during enrichments hours or as an after school program. These groups focus on instructional life skills teaching 


Pictured : Dwight D. Eisenhower (New Orleans, LA)

Redefine Mentorship-
Community Groups

These mentoring cohorts are hosted in community facilities and the focus of these groups is relational instruction and cultural enrichment building on the instruction in the school programs


Pictured Below: College Tour to Spellman (SJBP Community Group)

Redefine Mentorship Navigate Curriculum

The Navigate Curriculum provides the fundamental essentials for equipping students with skills to “Navigate”  the course of life. This curriculum is the premise to our holistic approach to mentorship based in research on positive psychology and trauma informed principles. We also seek to continuously update our curriculum.